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Southgate Furniture Resources (SFR) is the easiest way to sortresearch, order, and receive the perfect product for every project.

Why Southgate Furniture Resources?

  • SFR provides product search and delivery solutions for every design project
  • SFR handles the project requirements from start to finish at the best prices! 
  • SFR is easy and convenient for any designer to use
  • SFR curates the finest manufacturers and products
  • With 30 years experience, SFR values the opportunity to serve the home furnishings design community!


Grow Your Designer Business Today! 

  • Grow your designer business by partnering with SFR
  • Focus and manage your resources by utilizing SFR's full service approach 
  • Access over 3500 accredited designers interested in your products
  • Increase online advertising in a very cost effective way  
  • Enjoy FREE set up and maintenance for the first year and opt out at any time if not completely satisfied


Innovative Online Tools and Services! 

  • Let SFR handle all your project needs from start to finish!
  • Save time and money when you compare multiple vendors by product, style, finish, price, and brand
  • Get the best prices with SFR!  
  • Access information and track orders quickly and easily!
  • Eliminate worry and rely on SFR to work with the manufacturer should any issues that arise